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Why Some Men Are Opting For A Gynecomastia Reduction

Why Some Men Are Opting For A Gynecomastia Reduction


Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of breast tissue in males. The growth of male breast tissue doesn’t typically pose any risk to your health. However, some individuals would rather undergo a reduction due to personal preference in appearance. 


Changes in hormones, certain medications, and recreational drug use are some of the leading factors of gynecomastia. It is often caused by changes in levels of the female hormone, estrogen, and the male hormone, testosterone. 


It may start as a lump beneath the nipple, the breasts often grow unevenly. It is best to see a healthcare provider for a diagnosis. 

Good Candidates

You are healthy and do not have any conditions that could increase any risk of surgical complications. You are concerned or bothered with your appearance. 

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your consultation at Chantilly Cosmetic Surgery, our compassionate and caring team will conduct a thorough physical exam while gathering information about your current medication and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for Gynecomastia Reduction. 

What to Expect During Recovery 

Recovery takes about 1 week on average. Patients are encouraged to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity to prevent any complications. They are recommended to wear a surgical compression garment to help the skin retract.

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