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Lip Lift

lip lift

Lip lift surgery is a surgical procedure for correcting a long upper lip. Over time, the skin overlying the lips tends to lose its elasticity and undergoes descent with a subsequent change in the upper lip shape and length. Also some patients are often distressed by an excessive length between the upper lip and base of the nose that can either progress over time or be present from birth. Having a long upper lip can result in reduction in teeth visibility with relaxation of mouth opening and upon smiling.

An upper lip lift can address the aesthetics of the upper lip area by reduction of the distance between the nose and lip, making the lips appear fuller and more youthful.

The actual lip lift procedure takes about 45 minutes and can be performed with local anesthesia; I usually operate with local anesthesia. The crux of this procedure is to remove excessive upper lip skin just beneath the nose (a “bullhorn” pattern is used).

Stitches remain in place for a week; then the scar will heal and fade within a year. You may need one to two weeks off from your social calendar, but any scarring can be covered with foundation within two weeks of your operation. Like other surgical procedures, lip lifts have their dangers: bleeding, infection, and undesirable scarring are all possibilities.

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