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Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)


Our plastic surgeon sees patients from all over the area who have large ears. We correct all three of the reasons that contribute to ears being prominent, including reducing the concho-scaphal angle, decreasing the size of the conchal bowl and strengthening the antihelical fold.

During the otoplasty procedure, an incision is created on the back of the ear where it meets the side of the head. This makes the incision almost invisible even when people look for it. It is important to emphasize that no incisions are made on the outside or the front of the ear.

The plastic surgeon makes incisions on the back of your ears or within the inner creases of your ears. After making incisions, he will remove excess cartilage and skin. He will then fold the cartilage into the proper position and secure it with internal stitches. Additional stitches will be used to close the incisions. The procedure lasts about two hours.

After otoplasty, your ears will be covered in bandages for protection and support. You’ll likely feel some discomfort and itching. To keep pressure off your ears, avoid sleeping on your side. Also try not to rub or place excessive force on the incisions. A few days after otoplasty, Dr.Chopra will remove your bandages. Your ears will likely be swollen and red, & you’ll need to wear a loose headband that covers your ears at night for two to six weeks. This will help keep you from pulling your ears forward when rolling over in bed.

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