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Hair Growth Nutraceuticals


It is estimated that around 80% of men will experience hair thinning or hair loss during their lifetime. Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, both biological and environmental. When it comes to reversing the damage of these factors, many men don’t know where to begin. To help men along their hair restoration journey, we now offer effective and new treatments to promote men’s hair growth.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Several factors can cause or contribute to men’s hair loss. While the most typical culprit behind hair loss is genetics, specifically a hormone imbalance, many lifestyle choices may speed up the hair loss process. Some of these lifestyle choices include:

  • A toxic environment
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Genetics

If you are curious as to what factors may be contributing to your hair loss, going to a medical professional can open your eyes to the factors that are furthering your hair loss and causing your hair follicles to shrink.

Nutrafol to Reverse Hair Loss

We are now offering hair growth nutraceuticals featuring the amazing and effective products created by Nutrafol. Nutrafol is a company dedicated to reversing the effects of hair loss and giving people the hair that they used to have. Our men’s hair growth pack features pills that improve the hair’s growth, strength, and thickness. Over 75% of men reported that they saw reduced hair shedding after only three months. Nutrafol products are also:

  • 100% drug and hormone-free
  • Backed by clinical evidence and research
  • Trusted by over 2,500 healthcare providers.

Nutrafol hair growth supplements can be used by any hair type, as they target the hair follicles instead of the actual strands of hair. After a clinical study, Nutrafol was found to benefit all hair types in both men and women.

This nutraceutical can also be taken in addition to other hair-loss products, medications, and therapies. The FDA has found no interaction between Nutrafol supplements and other hair-loss treatments.

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How Does Nutrafol Work?

Nutrafol contains important, quality, and natural ingredients that promote hair growth. Some of the beneficial ingredients included in Nutrafol supplements include:

  • Saw Palmetto 2- This ingredient prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT. DHT is a hormone that causes hair thinning, by preventing testosterone from converting into this hormone, it blocks the process of hair thinning.
  • Tocotrienol Complex 3- This ingredient lowers the environmental stress that an individual may feel on a daily basis. By removing a stressor, hair can grow thicker and more effectively.
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha 4- This ingredient balances and regulates stress hormones in the body and calms them so that they do not affect hair growth. The balance of stress hormones positively supports hair growth in consistent users.

These ingredients have been tested and have not been found to cause adverse reactions in persistent users of this supplement. Consistent users have instead reported bonus effects of the supplements that include better sleep, more energy, and a more positive mood.

Additionally, Nutrafol does not affect testosterone levels for those who take the supplement. While it does prevent testosterone’s conversion to DHT, it does not affect or reduce the testosterone itself.

How Can I Purchase Nutrafol?

You can purchase this amazing product directly from us! We offer two options for purchase. You can subscribe to receive a supply of Nutrafol every three months, or you can manually purchase a three-month supply without a renewal if you are unsure or just want to test the product.

How to Take Nutrafol

In order to see amazing results, you will need to take 4 pills daily. It is recommended that the pills be taken during a meal, preferably one containing healthy fats, so that the body can better absorb the pills.

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