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Breast Augmentation | Annandale VA

Breast Augmentation | Annandale VA

Breast augmentation near Annandale VA can enhance the appearance of your breasts and provide a fuller, more round, and more youthful appearing breast with the insertion of implants. We offer various implant options so you can choose the size, and shape, that’s right for you.

Before breast augmentation surgery, you will have at least one in-depth consultation with Dr. Chopra and will have the opportunity to discuss your goals for your breast size as well as the results you wish to achieve. He will make sure you are fully educated about all of your breast implant options, and you will decide together on the best course of action to help you reach your goals.

Breast implant options near Annandale VA include the following:

a) Saline breast implants

The implants filled with sterile saline solution are the most common type of breast implant used in the U.S. Saline implants are also FDA- approved for women 18 years of age and older.

b) Silicone gel breast implants

Silicone implants use silicone gel to fill the implant instead of saline. They are pre-filled with a silicone gel that closely resembles your own body’s anatomy and tissues provide to a very natural feeling similar to breast tissue.

c) Round breast implants

As the name suggests, these implants are round in shape and create a fuller look. They maintain the shape of the breast and are less likely to ripple.

d) Textured breast implants

These implants have a textured surface that helps the implants bond with the tissue. This can reduce the risk of capsular contracture, a condition where the scar tissue around the implant tightens and hardens.

e) Gummy bear implants

These implants are made of a highly cross-linked silicone gel that holds its shape even if the implant is turned upside down. They generally need a slightly longer incision for placement.

f) Anatomical or teardrop-shaped implants

These implants are shaped like a natural breast and are often used for women who have had mastectomies. Unlike round implants, these implants have more volume at the bottom than at the top.

Recovery Period for Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation, you will be sent home with detailed postoperative care instructions and will be prescribed medications to help ensure your comfort during breast augmentation recovery.

Most women feel well enough to return to work and other normal activities within a week or two after surgery. However, you should avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks to give your body time to heal properly.

During your recovery period, you will likely experience some soreness and swelling. These symptoms are usually the worst during the first few days and gradually improve. You will be given a prescription for pain medication and a muscle relaxer to help you manage discomfort. You should also sleep with your head elevated on pillows to reduce swelling.

It is important to remember that it will take time for your body to adjust to the implants. It may take several months for the implants to settle into their final position. You may notice that your breasts look and feel different during this time. They may be swollen and tender and change shape as the implants settle. These changes are normal and will eventually subside.

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