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Hair Growth Nutraceuticals | NOVA

Hair Growth Nutraceuticals | NOVA

Hair growth products from Nutrafol are effective at increasing the thickness of your hair. The result is a fuller head of hair that looks younger and healthy. The hair follicle is directly affected by this product. This is a major difference from other products that only target the hair strand. In addition, Nutrafol products can be used safely on any type of hair for both women and men.

Hair growth nutraceuticals from Nutrafol are effective at reversing hair loss. In addition, the men’s hair growth pills strengthen and thicken the hair. Our confidence in this product is backed by the statistics showing that three out of four men report a significant reduction in the amount of hair shedding after only three months of continuous use.

Nutrafol Hair Products, Safe and Effective

Nutraceutical hair products have gone through a rigorous vetting process by the FDA. They are deemed safe and effective. There is no conflict with other products for hair loss, and this is safe to use in combination with other therapeutics and medicines. No adverse reactions were found in the study participants who used Nutrafol products in clinical tests as a supplement.

Nutrafol tests also showed that there is no adverse effect on the level of testosterone. It was shown to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT even though the testosterone levels remained the same.

  • Safety and efficacy are vetted through clinical research.
  • These products are 100% free of drugs and other hormones.
  • Nutrafol is used with confidence by thousands of healthcare professionals.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a symptom that usually has multiple causes. Genetics plays only one role in causing hair loss; the environment and lifestyle factors contribute much more to this outcome. Toxicity in the immediate environment can be identified and removed to accelerate the effects of using Nutrafol, for example.

Here are some other ways to amplify the benefits of Nutrafol:

  • Reduce the amount of stress in your life.
  • Improve your nutrition by making appropriate dietary changes.
  • Become aware of any genetic role, and seek medical advice on this matter.

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