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Botox | Sterling VA

Botox | Sterling VA

Botox is an effective treatment to address unwanted wrinkles and facial lines. The injection helps to preserve the look of smooth skin for a period of time. Information about this procedure is helpful when deciding if Botox injections are appropriate for your situation.

Why Get Botox Treatments?

The aging process can introduce various lines and wrinkles into the skin of the face and neck. There are many reasons to consider using Botox injections near Sterling VA to help you look your best. This is especially popular for people who want to freshen up their appearance before attending an important event.

Botox injections near Sterling VA are used to treat a variety of conditions:

  • Lines: This may include worry lines or frown lines. There are also benefits for people who dislike the so-called bunny lines that may appear around the nose. Botox can also help with lines that form on the neck area. Other areas that can be treated with Botox include the periorbital wrinkles (called crow’s feet), glabellar lines (called the 11’s), and vertical lip wrinkles.
  • Shoulder muscles or calf muscles: Sometimes excess stress or carrying heavy objects can cause enlargement or pain in the trapezius muscles of the shoulders. Botox injections into the trapezius muscle can help improve pain in the shoulder and give a better appearance to the trapezius. Botox injections near Sterling VA can also be used in enlarged calf muscles to slim the appearance of the calf and give a more feminine appearing leg.
  • Other areas: Botox can also help correct brow asymmetry, drooping at the corner of the mouth, and the enlargement of the jaw muscle, called the masseter muscle. Botox is also used to treat hyperhidrosis, which means severe sweating underneath the arm, on the palms or on the soles of the fee.

About Botox Treatments

Botox is very well tolerated and anesthesia is generally not required for the injections. Patients can be given topical numbing cream and ice to help alleviate any discomfort as needed.

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